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“This Broadcast may have my name on it, but this is our show.. Just like this Nation, The Wells Report belongs to us; We the People.” ~ Jon-David Wells

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The Wells Report for Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Wells Report for Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Wells Report for Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Today's News, Analysis, Commentary & Debate Jon-David Wells Oct 17   ISRAELI/HAMAS WAR: LIVE UPDATES CNN: President Joe Biden will make an extraordinary wartime visit to Israel this week as he seeks to demonstrate...

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Jon-David is always giving and supporting others. Here he is with the Alliance for the Brave folks.  They have a show on Saturday mornings.  The show outlines programs for veterans.  His favorite charity is Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


Visioning, Strategic Planning, and Defining Expectations

The Wells Report has been the number one show in DFW area and now it will be going national  across the USA Network, and many streaming services.


Politics, Current Events, Conservative Values

Jon-David Wells is available as a speaker for events in the North Texas area.  He can also speak at your distant event through SKYPE.  He has a range of topics for Conservative groups across the country.

The Wells Report

The Genesis of The Wells Report

September 11, 2001

Thanks for Your Column, Mr. Von Drehle

Thanks for Your Column, Mr. Von Drehle

Thanks for your column, Mr. Von Drehle....But you're ignoring the elephant in the room. BDS, based solely on the Religious preference of an entire culture is rabid, savage, inexcusable, anti-Jewish racism. Technically, all rabid, savage, inexcusable, racism is...

Thoughts on Kavanaugh

Thoughts on Kavanaugh

This is understandable in that if I was Senator Durbin, or any other member of the aforementioned corrupted caucus, I would be looking for an analgesic to mitigate the remorseless, unflinching responsibility for the atrocity of yesterday’s attempted public slaughter of a good man.

I have accepted the General Manager Position of a new, News/Talk/Sports Radio Station in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas.  But there’s more…. I have also accepted the 2-5 PM (Central Time) on the USA Radio Network. After 16 years, The Wells Report; America’s Best Conservative News/Talk broadcast will be heard Coast to Coast and around the world on America’s fastest growing Radio Networks. Likewise, details on when you can tell your friends around the nation that there’s a new voice for the United States. God Bless You for listening to this broadcast all these years. Now, onward…. Here we go. Jon-David Wells, Host: The Wells Report–The USA Radio Network.


GM, 1160 KBDT

Jon David Wells is a constitutional conservative who does not discriminate against stupidity. He is open to anyone’s opinion and is able to provide immediate intellectual feedback as to why someone’s opinion is either good, or not so good for America. It’s a joy to hear a radio host that can tell the good and the bad of what’s happening in America, regardless of who’s in office. You rarely get that from the main stream media. Well done, JD! .

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