Thanks for your column, Mr. Von Drehle….But you’re ignoring the elephant in the room. BDS, based solely on the Religious preference of an entire culture is rabid, savage, inexcusable, anti-Jewish racism.

Technically, all rabid, savage, inexcusable, racism is protected speech under the 1st Amendment as well….(Which is why, I assume, your editors are allowing you to attempt this enabling rationalization of it.)

But when the often-stated outcome of those who preach, support and explain/enable BDS is the destruction of the State of Israel with the also stated/promised of the genocide that goes with it….You (obviously) brand yourself in the same caste as those who tried to reasonably explain the Holocaust.

However, with a name like “Von Drehle” there would be an obvious blind spot to anti-Jewish bigotry and genocide, wouldn’t there?

See? Racism hurts, doesn’t it? What is the response when it kills?

Jon-David Wells, Host: The Wells Report, USA Radio Network c: 2018

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