We live in a Peaceful, Benevolent, Loving Society.

The reason we do is because nearly all of us believe in the same things. Freedom, Liberty, God-Given Rights, Respect of Others….

We are also spared for the most part, from nagging fear. We are blessed by the brilliance of our nation’s founders with the ability to defend ourselves from those who would attack us…. The Evil…. The Sick…. and yes, The Political.

These Evildoers take advantage of our soft, loving society by attacking us inside traditional sanctuaries left vulnerable by our own choices.

We don’t want our schools to be places where children see metal detectors, officers in uniforms decorated with deadly weapons, bullet-proof glass. So we choose to leave them vulnerable.

Our places of healing are filled with those who give aid and comfort to those afflicted or injured. We choose to leave them defenseless in favor of focused curative arts.

Then there are our Churches, Mosques, Synagogues. Places where all these principles are learned, celebrated, prayed for and about.

Attacks in these revered, hallowed, soft sanctuaries are so antithetical to all the ideals, morals, faith, benevolence held in high esteem inside, we usually choose trust over vigilance….

…. but not today…. not in Texas.

The West Freeway Church of Christ became the target of an evildoer this morning…. Who lost his life as suddenly as he took the lives of two others.

It was a terrifying, sickening, tragic, moment.

It was also moment of heroism by a Christian Soldier…. A Sheepdog of the Flock…. A Defender…. A Sentinel.

Moreover….. It was a moment of Reality…. A moment of Choice.

2 were lost….242 were saved.

We must turn aside the ulterior, utopian, dangerous preaching of the Political Ones…. Who see the enforced or bullied vulnerability upon others only as opportunities.

Carry a weapon if you can, or a medical kit if you cannot. Either is a calling.

May God Bless Everyone who attend the West Freeway Church of Christ.

May all of us learn the hard, but true lessons shown to us today.

Jon-David Wells c: 2019

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