The Israel Defense Forces said Tuesday it has dropped leaflets in the Gaza Strip making a direct appeal to Palestinians to provide Israel with information on captives held by Hamas.

“If you want a better future for you and your children, take action and provide us with solid and useful information as soon as possible regarding the hostages in your area,” the leaflet reads.

The Israelis are offering protection and even a monetary award to any Palestinian who comes forward with verifiable information leading to the rescue of an Israeli hostage.

“The Israeli army assures you that it will put forth maximum effort to provide you and your home with security, as well as a financial reward,” the leaflet says, guaranteeing “complete confidentiality.” 

TWR:  This is another brilliant move by the Israeli Defense Force…

Not only does this make possible the localization of the Hostages…

But the level of response to these leaflets will expose the reality of whether there are “Innocent Palestinians” in the Gaza Strip.

So….No Response….No Innocent Palestinians.




The House Foreign Affairs Committee will host a classified briefing on Iran Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. ET after senior defense officials reported a “significant escalation” of attacks against U.S. troops in the Middle East.

These attacks have “Iranian fingerprints all over” them, according to a senior U.S. defense official and senior U.S. military official who spoke on a background briefing with reporters on Monday. Both officials suggested attacks will likely increase on U.S. troops over the coming days.

The defense official reiterated that Iran is funding, equipping, guiding and directing partners and proxies across the Middle East, including Lebanese Hezbollah militia groups in Iran, Syria and Yemen.

“I think it’s fair to say when you see this uptick in activity in attacks by many of these groups, there’s Iranian fingerprints all over it,” the defense official said. 

TWR:  Sooner or later, the United States will be forced to confront Iran on the field of battle. 

The status quo ante of “Deterrence” is obsolete in the face of Ideological Terrorism…

Especially in the example of the now-exposed context of duplicity from Palestinian Leadership…That being the stated goal of obtaining a Palestinian State, when in reality the Iran-backed mission is the Genocide of Jews.

Iranian duplicity is also made plain in their perversion of the Obama/Biden Nuclear Deal to facilitate their obvious goal of a Nuclear Weapon to use in their oft-promised new Holocaust.

So…We have a choice. 

We can attack an Iran (theoretically) without Nuclear Weapons, or we can attack an Iran with Nuclear Weapons.




A senior Hamas leader denied that the more than 200 Israelis and foreigners currently held captive in Gaza are hostages and gave the conditions for their release in a television interview.

Khaled Mashaal, formerly the chief of the terrorist group’s politburo, told Sky News in an interview that the civilians being held by Hamas will only be freed if Israel stops its bombardment of Gaza — all the while denying that the captives are hostages. 

“They are not hostages,” Mashaal said, adding that the Israelis are being held in different locations in Gaza. He claimed Israeli airstrikes have killed more than 22 of the captives and said the bombardment must cease for the hostages to be released. 

“Let them stop this aggression and you will find the mediators like Qatar and Egypt and some Arab countries and others will find a way to have them released and we’ll send them to their homes,” Meshaal said.

He claimed the hostage releases cannot happen while Israel continues to hit Gaza with airstrikes.

TWR:  Since Reality is the enemy of wanton, insane terrorist violence…To perpetuate that terror, the first murder must be of Reality.

This ridiculous statement from Hamas “spokesman” Kahlid Mashaal is that assassin.

The tactical question is:

Do we have any reason to believe that Hamas, after hearing the IDF’s stated mission of their existential destruction, will do anything beyond using these hostages as tools in their continuing Jihad…To be fatally dispensed with when their diseased minds deem it advantageous?

If that answer is “No”…Israel must attack.  




An Israeli hostage released by Hamas has described her ordeal after she was kidnapped by gunmen and taken into a tunnel system in Gaza during the Palestinian militant group’s deadly assault in Israel on October 7, saying “I went through hell.”

Yocheved Lifshitz, a frail 85-year-old grandmother who was one of two hostages released by Hamas on Monday, recounted the moment that militants snatched her from her home in the kibbutz of Nir Oz and drove her away on a motorbike towards Gaza, a “painful act” during which she said she was beaten and sustained bruises.

Lifshitz said she was forced to descend into an underground tunnel system she likened to a spiderweb, where she was greeted by “people who told us we believe in the Quran” and promised “not to harm” her and her fellow hostages.

Lifshitz said she was initially grouped together with 25 other people before her captors separated her into a smaller group with four other individuals from her kibbutz.

She said they slept on mattresses on the floor of the tunnels, ate the same food as Hamas fighters and received regular treatment from doctors during her incarceration.

TWR:  Behold the cynical manipulation of these women…Apparently treated “well” in preparation for their release.

We are being asked to determine which Hamas is real…The one who “…believes in the Quran” and promises “not to harm” them?

Or the Hamas who over-ran Israelis on October 7th…Shooting, Raping, Burning, Stabbing, Beheading men, women, children…Babies?




Netanyahu has drawn the ire of Israel’s military chiefs by delaying the invasion of Gaza to eliminate Hamas, with western allies in the EU pushing for a ceasefire.

Israel’s Prime Minister clashed with leading figures in the country’s defence forces over his decision to delay the incursion, which his military chiefs are said to be eager to start, the Telegraph reports.

Some members states within the European Union have pushed for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and terror group Hamas in order to deliver more humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israel’s military said on Monday it was preparing for ‘unrelenting attacks’ to dismantle Hamas. 

TWR:  My observation of “politics poisons everything it touches…” could certainly be applied here.

However…Netanyahu is caught inside the matrix of:

·      The undeniable need to attack, then eradicate Hamas…

·      The canard of the “humanitarian crisis” befalling (supposed) “innocent civilians” in the Gaza Strip…And,

·      Both the EU & the US calling for Israel to delay their incursion into Gaza for those humanitarian efforts…

For the last 50 years, Palestinians have exploited “humanitarian crises” to the perpetuation of their now obvious goal of killing all Jews.

It’s time to stop being played for fools.




French President Emmanuel Macron proposed on Tuesday that an international coalition fighting against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria be widened to include the fight against the Palestinian militant group Hamas in Gaza.

Macron gave no detail on how the U.S.-led coalition of dozens of countries, of which Israel is not a member, could be involved.

Speaking alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Macron stressed that France and Israel shared terrorism as their “common enemy”.

“France is ready for the international coalition against Daesh in which we are taking part for operations in Iraq and Syria to also fight against Hamas,” he told reporters, referring to Islamic State.

Macron, who warned against the risks of a regional conflict, also said the fight against Hamas “must be without mercy but not without rules”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not directly comment on Macron’s proposal but said the fight was a battle between the “axis of evil” and “the free world”.

TWR:  While this is clearly an excellent idea…Unless Hezbollah, Houthi Rebels and inevitably Iran are added to this coalition, all this does is give Iran more time to finish their Nuclear ambitions.




Rishi Sunak told police to tackle pro-Palestinian extremism “head on” after fury over the failure to arrest protesters chanting jihad.

In a damning response to Scotland Yard’s handling of demonstrations, the Prime Minister dismissed claims that officers need new powers to deal with hate crimes on Britain’s streets and told them to get on with the job using laws already in place.

He warned that calls for Muslim armies to rise up are a threat to the Jewish community and “our democratic values”.

Updating MPs on the latest developments following the October 7 atrocity, the PM officers must show the “full force of the law” against extremist demonstrators.

TWR:  While the violation of Free Speech rights are never to be undertaken lightly…

Standing the Town Square calling for a ‘Holy War’ (Jihad) in the context of “Death to the Infidels”…With fresh Hamas videos of what that actually means available on the internet…

…Can certainly find it’s obvious analog to shouting “Fire!!” in a theater.

Should immediate arrest be the remedy?  Apparently Prime Minister Sunak believes it to be…

Is that a course of action for the United States?





Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., is introducing a resolution on Tuesday to censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., accusing the progressive “Squad” member of “antisemitic activity” and “sympathizing with terrorist organizations.”

“The [Democratic] Party has done nothing to hold her accountable. They’ve done nothing to rein her in, and no one else here has done it. And so I thought it was right to list examples of – this isn’t just new. This isn’t a one-off thing. This is exactly who she is,” Greene told Fox News Digital.

Greene accused Tlaib of leading a pro-Palestinian protest on Capitol Hill last week. Hundreds of demonstrators called for a cease-fire after the terror group Hamas staged an unprecedented, bloody incursion from the Palestinian exclave of Gaza into southern Israel on Oct. 7, killing hundreds of civilians and prompting an ongoing response from the Israeli military.

TWR:  There is no excuse for Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, Greg Casar, or Summer Lee to spend one more day in the United States Congress.

That this Resolution fails to list all these Anti-Jewish Bigots, or suggests “Censure” rather than Expulsion is instructive.

Watch to see if this resolution sees the light of day…Who is responsible for its demise, or failing that, who votes against it…

…They are the real threats to Jews.




Like many American Jews, Jonah Goldman sides politically with the left, including its push for the rights of Palestinians.

But in the aftermath of Hamas’ gruesome raid on Israel this month, Goldman has never felt so isolated from people he long considered his allies.

He was shocked by how quickly friends mobilized for the Palestinian cause while failing to condemn the attack. The militants killed more than 1,400 people, most of them civilians — slaughtering families, including children — and taking about 200 more hostage.

Good people he never considered antisemitic suddenly seemed “supportive of Jewish genocide,” he said.

“The left in America has really let us down,” said Goldman, 31, who lives in the Washington area and considers himself a Democrat and a socialist.

TWR:  How does it feel to be a “Useful Idiot” Mr. Goldman?




Democratic Socialists of America founding member Maurice Isserman announced Monday he is leaving the organization for its response to Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israeli civilians.

Isserman, who is still described on the socialists’ website as a founding member of DSA penned a piece for The Nation headlined, “Why I Just Quit DSA.”

“I left to protest the DSA leadership’s politically and morally bankrupt response to the horrific Hamas October 7 anti-Jewish pogrom that took the lives of 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and saw over 200 hostages carried off to Gaza, both groups of victims including children and infants,” he wrote.

“Its statement on October 7 made no mention—let alone offering any criticism—of Hamas, declaring instead, ‘Today’s events are a direct result of Israel’s apartheid regime—a regime that receives billions in funding from the United States,’” he continued.

TWR:  You can’t be surprised Mr. Isserman…

To decry the political and moral bankruptcy of the Democrat(ic) Socialists of America where Hamas mayhem is concerned belies your juvenile blindness to the same Political/Moral bankruptcy of the DSA as a construct in the first place.

As with Jonah Goldman above…How does it feel to be a ‘Useful Idiot’?




D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a new anti-crime initiative Monday as violence across the District continues to climb.

Bowser, Acting Police Chief Pamela Smith, and other city officials unveiled the Addressing Crime Trends Now Act, or ACT Now plan. Bowser says the legislation will address recent crime trends and give law enforcement more tools to hold criminals accountable while working to keep neighborhoods safe.

In Bowser’s new ACT Now plan, the act of being masked while committing a crime would be illegal again. Bowser is bringing that law back after it was terminated at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

The plan would also create criminal penalties making it illegal to organize or direct anyone in a theft-for-profit scheme, including many of the smash-and-grab rings seen recently. 

Other measures introduced Monday allow the police chief to declare temporary “Drug-Free Zones” to address open-air drug markets and loitering.  

TWR:  How long did it take for mayor Bowser to act on the Politically-Motivated crime submerging her City?

Too damn long.

Who’s responsible for her foolishness being the cornerstone of municipal decay in the Nation’s Capital?

The Voters of Washington D.C.




An off-duty pilot who was riding in the cockpit of an Alaska Airlines flight en route from Washington state to San Francisco on Sunday is facing dozens of attempted murder charges after he tried to shut down the plane’s engines mid-flight, authorities say.

The suspect, identified as Alaska Airlines pilot Joseph D. Emerson, 44, attempted to cut off fuel to the engines, but the quick action of the aircraft’s captain and first officer kept the engines from failing completely, the airline said, adding Emerson was subdued by the flight crew.

The flight was forced to divert to Portland, Oregon, where the suspect was taken into custody by Port of Portland police, the agency said in a statement.

Emerson is being held without bail at the Multnomah County Jail and has been charged in Oregon with 83 felony counts of attempted murder, 83 counts of reckless endangerment and one count of endangering an aircraft, booking records show.

He is expected in court Tuesday afternoon. 

TWR:  If this apparent varmint is found guilty…


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