As is the case on interactive Social Media Websites associated with The Wells Report, Thinking Americans gather to discuss the great issues of the day.

NOTE: I didn’t say Thinking CONSERVATIVE Americans, or Thinking LIBERAL Americans. We ALL gather here.

To that end…. ALL THINKING AMERICANS are welcome, provided the stated beliefs are accompanied with Constitutionally Compliant SOLUTIONS.

There have been 2 more heinous Firearm attacks on the innocent. As they appear to be driven by Hate and Bigotry, they are nothing more than Domestic Terror Attacks.

My information on the Ohio Shootings is rather sparse. This will be remedied in the coming hours. Much of the the story surrounding the El Paso Shootings has been fleshed out here:  https://www. cnn. com/./us/el-paso-shooting-sunday/index. html.

No one in this country is Guilty until proven Innocent. However, the apparent reality can lead to this short list of Solutions:

1.) This person should receive a fair, impartial trial, leading to a verdict of Guilty or Not Guilty from a Jury of his peers.

2.) IF he is found guilty, he should receive ONE careful, meticulous, definitive Appeal.

3.) IF that appeal upholds a Guilty verdict, he should be sentenced to Death by hanging with immediate effect.

a.) This hanging should be televised via Pay-Per-View, with all proceeds evenly distributed between the affected families.

b.) All anti-Death Penalty advocates should (Upon IMMUTABLE Proof of Guilt on the part of the perpetrator) be publicly,
relentlessly censured by We The People.

e.) This execution should be carried out in no more than 60 days.

4.) We The People must resolve to take responsibility for our own safety. The common refrain heard is the US Government’s most
“sacred” duty is to “Protect the American People.”

 This Government cannot determine what public restroom people should use. It cannot protect our borders. It finds no value in protecting American Citizenship.

It CANNOT, therefore, protect our lives in any way, shape or form.

So…. The protection of Free Citizens is SOLELY on the shoulders of those citizens.

If you cannot, or will not commit to the possession, trained/expert use of a firearm in the defense of You, Yours, or Your Neighbors….

Commit to the possession, trained/expert use of a comprehensively equipped First Aid Kit.

When seconds count, the greatest First Responders in the History of the Human Endeavor are only minutes away.

Murder in Service of Bigotry is Terrorism. Those who engage in these Atrocities are Terrorists.

Society’s executions of these Animals should be as Sudden, Remorseless and Determined as those injuries and deaths dealt to their Victims.

c: 2019 Jon-David Wells, Host–The Wells Report, The USA Radio Network.

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